Discovering Jesus Course

The Course

The Discovering Jesus course takes place over 8 weeks in a very relaxed and friendly setting, with a meal, run by a local church.

The course covers the following 8 topics with 2 questions in each session;

1. What is Christianity?
Is Christianity a Western religion?
Why are so many Christians not like Jesus?

2. How can we relate to God?
How can we relate to God when He seems so distant?
How can a good God allow evil and suffering?

3. How do I know that God loves me?
Does God love me?
Why does God need a sacrifice to forgive sins?

4. What happens when we die?
What happens when we die?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

5. Who is Jesus?
What do Christians mean by calling Jesus the Son of God?
Is Jesus really God?

6. Is Jesus the only way to God?
Isn’t being a good person the most important thing?
Why do Christians say that Jesus is the only way to God?

7. Can we trust the Bible?
Can we trust the Bible?
How should I respond if the Bible is true?

8. What would need to change if I follow Jesus?
Isn’t it better to follow the religion of my family?
Would I have to leave my family and culture to follow Jesus?

The aim is to discuss each of these questions in an informal and friendly group where people can get to know each other and share their thoughts and opinions in an open-minded atmosphere. All are welcome and there is no obligation at all implied in coming along. You may want to attend the whole course or just pick out questions that particulalry interest you. We hope that you will make new friends in the process!

You will have the opportunity to openly share your thoughts, meet new people and to learn more about Jesus and the Christian faith.

You can watch a video about this course here.

Week One

Each week a different question is addressed using some key passages from the Bible which you can read and reflect on yourself.

The course encourages dialogue and invites you to share your views and ask questions.

You may want to attend the whole course or just pick out questions that particularly interest you. Hopefully through this course you can make some new friends and find answers the questions you have.

Explore & Discover

The course is geared to help give you key concepts to consider by unpacking commonly asked questions about Jesus and Christian faith from an Asian perspective. It is about creating room for you to weigh things up, look a bit deeper and think on how you see the belief in Jesus and the Christian faith.

We hope you will enjoy the journey of discovery, as it is the process involved which enables you to evaluate what the Christian faith is really about and how you relate to it. You can listen to Mailna and Wien share their thoughts on the course.

Rae’s journey

Hear from Rae as they share their journey of discovering Jesus.

Find a course

We hope you have found this site helpful in giving you an idea of what the course is about. The Discovering Jesus course is about taking a journey in asking questions and seeking answers – we hope to be part of this.

Why not take a look at the booklet which goes through 16 common questions on who Jesus is and the Christian faith with an Asian perspective in mind.

If you would like to come along to a Discovering Jesus course or read more about the Christian faith and who Jesus is, then please email us at [email protected] for a free booklet, Jesus through Asian eyes.