Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes we don't know how to fit together the pieces of our life puzzle.

Sometimes we try to put the wrong pieces together and they simply don't fit properly. Sometimes we haven't yet discovered all the pieces which will make up the complete picture of our lives.

Christians believe that the purpose of life is peace with God and peace with each other. We realised that there are questions, issues and sometimes misunderstandings about the Christian faith. Here and in the Discovering Jesus through Asian Eyes booklet we try to answer some of them.

Is Christianity a Western Religion?

It is true that Christianity has been heavily influenced by Western culture. But following Jesus is not about culture, language or outward appearances. It is about a relationship with God.

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Why do Christians say Jesus is the only way to God?

Jesus himself said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, none can come to the God except through me.”

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Who is Jesus?

On one level, a man who lived and taught in first century Israel with a public ministry of just over three years. He never travelled much outside his home country, never held any political office or power and left no descendants. At a young age, he was arrested and executed by the Jewish and Roman […]

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