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Is Christianity a Western Religion?

“If you are English, you must be a Christian, right? And if you are Pakistani, you can only be a Muslim? If you are Chinese you must be…?”

It’s common to link different religious beliefs and practices with certain parts of the world. So a person born into a family of a particular culture may accept those religious beliefs and practices as part of their identity – something they did not choose, but which was handed down to them.

In the same way, many people automatically link Christianity with Europe, America and countries like Australia. They assume that all white people are “Christian” But the situation is actually much more complex.

It is true that Christianity has been heavily influenced by Western culture. But following Jesus is not about culture, language or outward appearances. It is about a relationship with God. Jesus Christ came to open the way to God for all people from every background and country. His message is about everyone’s need for inner change – change to a life with God at the centre and freedom from sin.

Jesus’ followers are found all around the world. In fact most of the world’s Christians now live in Africa, South America and Asia.

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