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Running the Course

The Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes course takes people through eight interactive sessions, based on the questions in the booklet ‘Jesus through Asian eyes’. The overall aim of this course is to help your church confidently talk about Jesus and the Christian faith with those from the Asian community.

Many Christians can be reluctant to talk about Jesus to their Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or Muslim neighbours, friends or work colleagues, because they are unsure of how Asians would respond or what questions they might have about Jesus or the Christian faith.

The course has been produced to give you and reliable resources that you can use with confidence with your Asians friends.

The aims of the course are to:

  • Clarify misconceptions that Asians of other faiths have about Jesus and Christianity
  • Help Asian people find answers to the questions they are asking about Jesus
  • Support churches relate to people of Asian backgrounds in a culturally sensitive way

This course has been extensively trialled and tested with a wide variety of people from Asian backgrounds.
Sessions include ‘What is Christianity?’ ‘How can we relate to God?’ ‘What happens when we die?’ to – ‘Is Jesus the only way to God?’ and ‘What would need to change if I follow Jesus?’

Creating the right atmosphere is everything. As course leader it is your role to provide a relaxed and friendly setting for those coming who may well be unfamiliar with church.

The key is to create an environment that encourages interaction, creates conversation and builds relationship. The journey through the course will allow a safe space that people can feel they can be themselves. Being able to share their thoughts on the questions discussed – whether they agree or not with what is being discussed, it’s all part of the journey.

As you work through this course you will learn how to answer 16 key questions that Asians have about Jesus and the Christian faith and how to use Bible passages to explain the truth of the Gospel message.

We hope you enjoy the experience of leading Asians on a journey of discovering who Jesus is!